2 min readMay 11, 2021

When you purchase ILUS coins — you become part of the ILUS family and families take care of each other. During our pre-sale, Ethereum price rocketed, and our management has decided to take action to protect our new family members.

All ILUS coin holders will still see approx 23% discount off list price as advertised.

Nobody should be disadvantaged during the presale. Due to the nature of smart contracts, we cannot change the price of the coin at the point of sale, HOWEVER:
1. We will recalculate everyone’s purchase price at the end of the pre-sale
and convert all purchase prices to a US dollar purchase price.

2. We will AIRDROP additional coins to every buyer to make it all fair and equal and providing for approximately 23% discount.

3. The AIRDROP of additional tokens will happen weekly, and evenly spread over 4 weeks to avoid unnecessary pressure on the liquidity pool and protect the coin price and coin holders.

You do not need to do anything, this will happen automatically because your wallet address is already in the blockchain.
Let’s take the $Ilus coin to the moon and help save lives!

The only people with a disadvantage are those that do not buy during our
pre-sale!!! So, buy freely, with peace of mind, because this coin is backed by people who care about the holders.

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Read how the coin will help save lives here.




ILUS coin is an innovative crypto that works 24/7 for the coin holder earning rewards by providing technology and lifesaving equipment to people that need it.