$ILUS: The Strategic Partnership Between Toto Capital Inc & ILUS International

3 min readMay 19, 2021

ILUS International Inc is an M&A company that develops and acquires technology-based companies around the world. In 2021, the company successfully completed two acquisitions and is now signing a strategic partnership with Toto Capital Inc, a boutique financier and crypto expert, to release ILUS Coin.

$ILUS was released on April 30, at 16h00 in the form of a Presale currently live until midnight May 21, UTC. In this event, the coin buyer will receive a hefty discount and become an active participant in the ILUS ecosystem.

Toto Capital Inc Facilitating $ILUS Launch

In this strategic partnership, ILUS International grants branding rights to Toto International for the launching of $ILUS. According to the agreement, Toto Capital will pay a royalty to ILUS International on token sales apart from direct investment in the company. Toto will also facilitate vendor lease purchase finance for the ILUS customers using ILUS equipment.

The investment will be in the form of Non-Cumulative, Non-Convertible,
Non-Voting, and Redeemable Preference shares. These shares will provide ILUS equity capital to exponentially grow its business, perform its acquisitions, strengthen its balance sheet and promote buybacks.
Toto International will invest over $35 Million in installments over the next two years.

However, this agreement is subjected to the successful launch of $ILUS, which both companies eagerly anticipate. Toto International and ILUS both believe that they will witness a substantial demand for the token in the near future. $ILUS has a hard cap of 100,000,000 coins which will be sold during the first ongoing presale. The next step is to launch the token on several mainstream exchanges and facilitate trading between them.

The token holders can leverage the presale to receive a return from the token as Toto Capital redeem their Preference shares. They can also receive staking rewards and annual dividends for staking tokens apart from the profits made from equipment lease contracts. This strategic partnership will be beneficial to both the companies and the $ILUS token holders.

The CEO of ILUS International, Nicolas Link, said the agreement for the ILUS token would help the company secure its future.

“We believe we are rapidly getting the cornerstones in place to build a world-class business and in preparation for exponential growth. The acquisition strategy is aggressive but deliverable and rapid scale-up is essential in the journey up to the big boards. It is not only financially beneficial, but it is also quite simply very exciting to have an ILUS branded token in circulation, adding to the credibility of the brand and business. It should hopefully deliver significant value to Shareholders, token holders and responders’’, said Link.

ILUS ERC-20 Token

$ILUS is an innovative ERC-20 crypto token that helps its holders earn rewards by providing lifesaving technology and equipment to people who need it. Consequently, the holders will receive a monetary benefit as well as the “feel good” factor of saving lives and making a contribution.

$ILUS aims to provide critical life and environment-saving technology and equipment to places and people that require it. This helps the Ilus Coin create a positive social impact while bringing profits to its holders.
The main aim of ILUS is to:

  • Grow the acquisition business
  • Expand the manufacturing business
  • Increase token holders and their involvement in the ecosystem
  • Make a positive social impact

Toto Capital Inc

Toto Capital Inc is a private family office and boutique financier based out of Panama that helps various blockchain projects, including ultra-high net worth customers. The company specializes in creative financing solutions, hybrid financing instruments, and deal structuring. Its services include but are not limited to Lending, Trade Finance, Conventional Securities, Convertible Debt, and Non-Affiliate Financing.

ILUS International Inc

ILUS international inc. is a publicly listed Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and developing businesses. ILUS was previously in the industrial sector mainly from Emergency Services products, Emergency Response vehicles, Vehicle conversions, EVs, Wearable tech, Smart Tech, and have now evolved into the technology, engineering, and manufacturing space, globally. ILUS international inc operates out of New York, London, and Dubai focused on adding shareholder value by innovation and growth.

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ILUS coin is an innovative crypto that works 24/7 for the coin holder earning rewards by providing technology and lifesaving equipment to people that need it.